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Unilock® Pavers - Yorkstone

 Unilock® Pavers - Yorkstone
Color Key
T TitanTec® Surfacing Technology
This revolutionary surface technology creates ceramic-like impenetrable stain-resistant surface.
C ColorFusion® Technology
A proprietary coloring process that randomly disperses specialized color particles to create unique, bold, vibrant colors.
S StayClean® Stain Resistance Technology
A virtually impenetrable stain resistant shield that prevents the saturation of dirt, grease and oils.
A AutoAlign® System
meticulously engineered base to help ensure proper installation and alignment accuracy.
U Ultima® Concrete Technology
A specialized, proprietary manufacturing process creates paving stones up to four times the strength of traditional poured concrete.
R Reala® Surface Design
Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stones, bricks and cobblestones.
N Non-slip Surfacing
Great for pools and driveways. These products have extra skid and slip-resistant surfaces.
H HD Brilliance®
exclusive to Belpasso®, HD Brilliance® ensures incredible color vibrancy and retention.
Z ZeroBevel® edge
Pavers are designed with no visible chamfer, giving a sleek contemporary design.

Note: Not all features apply to all products. Refer to specific product pages for Select features.
Enviro-friendly tech Unilock's exclusive line of permeable pavement products, indicated by this symbol, are recognized and awarded with internationally accepted Leadership in energy and environmental Design (LeeD) credits required by the Green Building Rating System® to certify green building construction.   
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